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this morning." secretary of state kerry is about to face his russian counterpart. margaret brennan is in paris with the billion-dollar plan to save ukraine and stop a showdown. >>> a dramatic rescue in florida. the rush to save a mom and her three kids after their minivan ends up in the atlantic ocean. >>> and will legalized sports gambling tackle organized crime? a former mobster tells "60 minutes" forget about it. >>> but we begin with the "eye-opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> it is clear that russia has been working hard to create a pretext for being able to invade further. >> the u.s. tries to defuse the crisis in ukraine. >> secretary of state john kerry will meet with his russian counterpart in paris today. >> there are reports this morning that russian troops have seized two ukrainian defense missile system in crimea. >> sanctions could be imposed on russia if it fails to de-escalate by tomorrow. >> if you like your health plan you may be able to keep it longer. the "washington post" says the obama administration is rewriting rules. >>> mom and dad a
in ukraine. the stocks go straight up. good morning, everyone. kerry heads to kiev. triple digits on the dow. the s&p 500. a new record there. amazing what a nice cash flow can do for you. the architect behind obamacare. he sings the praises. all thanks to his law. that ought to wake you up. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ the local there appears to be no imminent threat of a shooting war in ukraine. that is why the market is going straight up. look at that. all in green. now take a look at the s&p 500. that is record territory. the new intraday high was 1869. now we have hit 1874 the -- i say this market just wants to go up. the lack of a shooting war in ukraine is a good excuse. >> the industrial names are leading this. the risk on trade is coming back. stuart: it is not our beloved technology stocks? technology stocks? sandra: has been in big momentum player but it is not the leader in this rally today, but i know i will tee up charles when i say this, the fed has not gone out of our business yet so how do you know if this rally can sustain itself? charles: i don't care. you tal
proposition for russia. >> reporter: the president is dispatching secretary of state kerry to kiev for meetings tomorrow with interim government leaders and parliamentarians. and he called on congress to act quickly on economic aid for ukraine. in brussels today, kerry's european union counterparts urged russia to take the path of mediation. carl bildt is sweden's foreign minister >> i think some in russia are still impressed by their military might. but i think after a while they will see the limitations. military might is not the way to make friends in europe, not to make friends in the world, and i think at some point in time they will start to see that. >> reporter: but in switzerland, russia's foreign minister, sergey lavrov, again said moscow was protecting russian citizens in crimea. and he lashed back at threats of economic penalties. >> ( translated ): those who attempt to interpret the situation as an act of aggression and threaten us with sanctions and boycotts, these are the very same partners of ours who consistently have encouraged political forces close to them to de
on the crisis in ukraine. john kerry says russia's military incursion is in his words an incredible act of aggression. kerry says the u.s. may boycott the g 8 meeting in sochi in june. right now in ukraine hundreds of unidentified armed men in trucks and armored vehicles have surrounded a ukrainian military base in the cry mian region there is no badge on their vehicles but some of the vehicles have russian license plates. the ukrainian government in kiev has been powerless to stop the russian moves. they are urging have had mir putin to pull back saying we are on the brink of disaster. nato's secretary general calls it grave. >> what russia is doing in you rain violates the principles of the united nation's charter. it threatens peace and security in europe. russia must stop the military activities and its threats. >> russia effectively took over the crimean peninsula yesterday without firing a single shot. president obama spoke to putin for about 90 minutes and expressed deep concern and he warned of political and economic isolation for the country. >>> well, authorities in oakland wa
hospital. >> secretary of state john kerry will travel to kiev on tuesday to meet with ukranian officials. kerry's trip comes as a response to russia's military advance into ukraine. kerry has raised the possibility of issuing economic sanctions and visa bans. russian forces are surrounding three military bases in the strategic crimean peninsula. this is prompting fears an armed conflict could break out at any moment. . uniformed gunmen can be seen in crimea, but, with no identifiable insignia, who they are or where they are from is still unclear. the majority of crimeans are ethnic russian and moscow keeps a naval base there. while many there are welcoming the russians-- ukraine's interim prime minister has another message for moscow. >> we urge the president to pull back his military. >> however.russia says they are only trying to protect their interests in the region. secretary of state john kerry called it "an incredible action of aggression" and threatened very serious economic consequences. economic pressure may not be enough. ukraine's ambassador to the u-n says he wants military s
the russian flag over the peninsula. a move they call a declaration of war. secretary of state john kerry says the move sun acceptable and the u.s. is not ruling out any responses. amy kellogg joins from us kiev. amy? >> reporter: jon, top of it all the most intense fog has just descended upon kiev. we're right in front ever the independence square where all the protesters gathered all those months and there are a few hundred diehards out in the cold, trying to keep spirit up and drum up support for a united ukraine in the face of these threats. the latest ultimatum coming to according to ukraine's defense ministry from russia's black sea fleet, saying if ukrainian bases don't evacuate by 5:00 p.m. local time, they will storm them, russian troops will storm them. given that most people acree at this point, russia has complete operational control over crimea, it is not clear what this latest escalation will accomplish. but it is also not clear from what we've been seeing what the endgame here is for russia. it is bizarre that it is almost old news that russian troops fanned out across crimea an
in washington are now preparing a very tough response to what secretary of state john kerry calls a russian invasion. he plans to travel to ukraine tomorrow to meet with the country's new government. he says world leaders are prepared to isolate russia but that may be a consequence that russian president vladimir putin is ready for. >> he's made a cost/benefit analysis. he's weighed the costs of doing what he do and he's reviewed the benefits of it. clearly he has concluded the benefits far outweigh the costs. we need to endeavor to change that calculus. >> he does not care and in many ways his action is directly for that purpose, to show swagger in the world. >> now some of those costs president obama warned about last week could include boycotting the g-8 meetings in sochi, freezing assets and banning visas. the country's economy is already taking a hit. in fact, today markets have dropped about 10%. its currency fell to the lowest point ever against the u.s. dollar. >>> the turmoil in ukraine is being felt right here in the bay area. this afternoon one man will set out on a cross-country
the accident scene despite a shredded tire. she was found collapsed over the steering wheel of her car. kerry kennedy, the daughter of the late senator robert f kennedy and ex-wife of andrew cuomo. now to this one. genetically modifying children. the pursuit of this perfect baby. it has been one of the far off notions, but right now the fda is considering this new technique that could pave the way for designer babies. by using the dna, not just two parents here, this is three parents saying they can eliminate disease as a newborn. it replaces defective cells with healthy cells before fertilization. this procedure is called three-parent ivf. if there is a problem with what's called the mitochondrial dna, doctors take out the egg's n nucleus and moves it to a donor egg. this is an egg that is a much healthier mitochondrial dna. the enhanced egg free of problematic dna can be fertilized by the father's sperm. are you with me? the embryo would be implanted back into the mother. let's talk about why maybe people should be frightened and maybe people should be excited. president of the council for
boswell reports, there has been a setback. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry is in paris for a critical meeting with russia's top diplomats. secretary kerry tried to convince the russians to speak directly with ukranian leaders but couldn't get them in the same room. he is expected to propose a peaceful way out for russia that asks moscow to send its troops back to bases to accept international monitors and to endorse may elections to set up a new government in kiev. russia says it's troops are protecting ethnic russians in crimea. the obama administration wants to impose economic sanctions on russian if it doesn't pull back troops but some european allies, especially germany, are reluctant to go along. russian president vladimir putin has warned any sanctions would result in what he calls serious mutual damage. while the diplomatic wheels turn, russian and ukrainian troops are peacefully coexisting for now in crimea. russian troops have surrounded several bases but ukranian wives are permitted to bring food to their husbands. one ukranian officer told cbs news his troops
secretary of state john kerry to the region. >>> not guilty. in a "today" exclusive kerry kennedy opens up live about her drugged driving acquittal, the kennedy name, the impact and what's next for her. >>> and the winners are -- >> "12 years a slave". >> the slavery drama wins best picture. >> cate blanchett picks up best actress. matthew mcconaughey wins his first. and pays tribute to his dad. >> i know he is up there right now with a big pot of gumbo and a lemon meringue pie over there and a cold can of miller light and he's dancing right now. >> and we're throwing an oscar afterparty with al and kathie lee live today, monday, march 3rd, 2014. >> announcer: this is a special edition of "today." "today's oscar after party" from new york and beverly hills with matt lauer and savannah guthrie from studio 1-a from rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this monday morning. and let's get right to the results of our oscar pool. i made it until 9:15. >> that's it. >> 10:30. >> 10:30. winner take all. >> i made it through ellen's monologue. >> i liked her, i did
. >>: secretary of state john kerry plans to meet with russia's foreign minister in paris today. the two men are attending a conference on lebanon. which has been eclipsed by the growing alarm over the standoff in ukraine's crimea region. kerry addressed the situation at a meeting earlier this morning. russia's foreign minister was absent from this morning's meeting, but kerry says he plans to meet with him this afternoon. former irs official lois lerner refuses to testify at house hearing on tea party targeting today once again, lerner invoked her fifth amendment rights -- refusing to testify before the house oversight and government reform committee. lerner's a key figure in the investigation of the i- r-s' alleged targeting of both conservative and liberal political groups. her department is accused of applying extra scrutiny to political groups seeking tax-exempt status between 2010 and 2012 former top i-r-s official, lois lerner, is at a house hearing today on the agency's targeting scandal. once again, lerner invoked her fifth amendment rights -- refusing to testify before the house ov
of state jrk yrk -- secretary of state john kerry brought to a meeting with top diplomats. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> world war ii veteran is the newest internet sen sakes that's -- sensation that's gotten more than a million views online. booooorrk - it's beef and pork! get bacon in your burger. jack's new bacon insider has a juicy beef patty with bacon mixed right into it, plus bacon strips and bacon mayo on a new gourmet brioche bun. get bacon in your burger. moooiiink. >>> new details on a murder suicide at a san francisco nursing home. police say a 60-year-old woman shot and killed her 93-year-old mother at the central gardens nursing home monday night. she then killed herself. their names have not been released. police have not released information about a motive. >>> day three of the oscar pistorius murder trial is wrapping up in south afterfry cau. another -- africa. another neighbor was on the stand. he testified to hearing screams and gunshots. yesterday, his wife testified to hearing the same thing. defense attorneys say the couple discussed what they were going to say in
military invasion of ukraine's crimea region. meanwhile, u.s. secretary of state john kerry has a meeting of his own today to be held in france. he will speak with his russian counterpart, a foreign minister. >> president obama and i want to make it clear 20 russia and to everybody in the world that we are not seeking confrontation. >> last night president obama talked about a possibly resolution with german chancellor angela merkel. the proposal would allow russian troops to stay in crimea but only on their bases in that region. international monitors would ensure ethnic russians in ukraine are protected. >>> happening today, the family of a woman found dead in the stairway at san francisco general hospital will file a formal claim against the city. lynne spalding's family is demanding an unspecified amount of money but in the past, they have indicated they want the hospital and the sheriff's department to change security procedures there. if san francisco rejects that claim, spalding's family can then file a lawsuit. >>> a controversial character is back in san francisco known as evil e
forces on full combat alert. >> secretary of state john kerry calls it an invasion. >> in the southern port, his army is already in direct conflict with a unit of ukrainian border force. >> president obama spent a tense 90 minutes on the phone with president putin. >> all options are on the table. >> this is a conversation about obama's leadership, pure and simple. >> i think this is an enormous mistake for russia. >> you don't want to provoke putin, but you do want to be strong. >> russia is going to lose. the russian people are going to lose. >> that sochi charm offensive died on the streets. >> the last thing anybody wants is a military option in this kind of a situation. >> i think you're going to find a house that's very cooperative with the administration on this one. >> there are some moves they could make and could make right now. >> i would like to create a democratic noose around putin. >> are you willing to go to ukraine and show solidarity with the ukrainians if russia doesn't back down? >> absolutely. >>> we've got red alert in e ukraine and all eyes are on president obama
of state kerry will meet with his russian counterpart where he will try to convince russian president put than he's already gone too far. >> he has strategic interest in the crimea and he's taken that calculation, realized that he can get away with this. >> ukraine raised its flag over the government headquarters in the eastern part of the country where a russian flag had flown for days. pro-russian demonstrators occupied the regional administration building since monday. police evacuated that after reports that it was rigged with explosive. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is on his way to silicon valley. he'll be at a meeting with high-tech leaders and the governor. "today in the bay" live outside the computer history museum in mountain view where the prime minister will be in a matter of hours. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the third stop in the united states for the prime minister. he was in washington, d.c., monday, los angeles yesterday, and today here at the computer history museum in the heart of the silicon valley. it will be a packed schedule for t
storms. secretary of state john kerry travels to asia. one of the topics discussed -- climate change. in indonesia, kerry described it as one of the most serious problems in the world. >> when i think about the array of global climate -- of global threats, think about this. terrorism, epidemics, poverty, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction -- all challenges that know no borders. the reality is that climate change ranks right up there with every single one of them. >> u.s. and chinese leaders agreed to work more closely in combating the environmental issue. the two countries are the biggest producers of emissions of carbon dioxide and gasses. workers in los angeles set a guinness world record for the largest continuous pour of concrete. 21,200 cubic yards of concrete was spread, beating the previous record of 21,000 set by a hotel in las vegas. 208 trucks made more than 2,000 trips, pouring 82 million pounds of concrete to build a foundation for what will be the tallest building west of the mississippi, housing luxury hotel rooms and offices. for "teen kids news," laura i
that secretary of state john kerry will travel to ukraine's capital on tuesday and is condemning russia's move into the ciman region. it's the site of a naval base and thousands of russian troops are standing guards alongside city streets as well. >> this is actually the declaration of war to my country. >> you just don't invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests. >> secretary kerry is also threatening russia with economic and trade sanctions if putin's troops don't pull out of crimea. >> the violence in ukraine has spurred the people in the u.s. to do something to help the victims, including an artist on tour in the south bay who has very close ties to the region. nbc bay area's kimberly terry joins us from san jose with his campaign for peace. kimberly? >> victor key, an ukranian-american is a having circumstance performer and has been paying close attention to what's going on. he'll have two weeks off as the show picks up from san jose and moves on to new york. during that time he plans to spread the word about the ongoing crisis. he had his porsche painted w
that secretary of state john kerry is on his way to ukraine tomorrow. off the top tonight we have two reports. we'll hear from liz palmer in crimea in a moment, but first, charlie d'agata in kiev. ( protestors screaming ) >> reporter: anger, outrage and fear fill kiev's independence square today. prime minister arseny yatsenyuk warned that russia's military intervention in crimea has brought ukraine to the brink of disaster. >> this is the red alert. this is not the threat. this is actually the declaration of war to my country. >> reporter: the newly formed government put the army on high alert and called on men of fighting age, hundreds of thousands of reservists, to be ready to take up arms. thousand of demonstrators rallied against russia's actions call president putin dictator and a liar. this sign says, "putin, hands- off ukraine." in the place where they are still mourning those killed in protest that brought the russian-backed president down, activist told us there is little appetite for more bloodshed. >> of course i'm worried. of course. because i don't want to have war. and i don't want
options as u.s. stebt john kerry decides to visit the country this week. tonight we're hearing from a man from san jose who's just come back from the region. >>> and a girl killed on the tracks in east bay. what we know about the collision that has a family grieving. >>> how many people can get stoned and still have a great nation. >> and governor brown not mincing words. we'll show you how this interview has a lot of people talking. >>> nbc bay area news starts now. >>> good evening. i'm diane dwyedwyer. >> russian troops seized control of the cry men peninsula. >> reporter: russian soldiers on the march in ukraine. this unit is taking up positions outside a ukrainen base. the times and loyalties have changed. the russians have come prepared for a fiechlt behind the gate, the troops are dressed for combat but look bewildered. and no wonder. their homeland has been invaded. their homeland, crimea taken over. they've been ordered to lay down their weapons or there'd be trouble. minutes later, the ukrainian m armor was gone. the ukrainian base is now surrounded. there's no word on whether
news in new york. we're seeing a verdict in the kerry kennedy trial. we'll bring you details on that and also, why are oscar voters still pretty much all white guys? we'll look at the panel from hollywood and ask about the power of entertainment and you've helped us report on our call to action. we're going to bring you the conclusion of your stories about student loan debt. coming up, what are solutions? kirsten gillibrand will tell us what she thinks we can do to fix the problem. stay with us. ♪ ♪ make every day, her day with a full menu of appetizers and entrées crafted with care and designed to delight. fancy feast. love served daily. [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ she can print amazing things, right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ my mom works at ge. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.s everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound
to sevastopol and the russian black sea fleet >> reporter: in washington, secretary of state kerry spoke with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov by phone. kerry said lavrov assured him that moscow has no designs on ukraine. >> i made it clear that intervention would, in our judgement, be a very grave mistake. i nevertheless, made it clear that that could be misinterpreted at this moment and that there are enough tensions that it is important for everybody to be extremely careful not to inflame the situation and not to send the wrong messages. he reaffirmed to me that president putin is committed and that as a matter of policy, they do not intend to violate the sovereignty of ukrainement. >> and this afternoon the united nations security council met to discuss ukraine. >> meanwhile the deposed president of ukraine viktor yanukovych renewed his claim on that post today in his first public appearance since he fled kiev last friday. he called the pending may 25 elections illegitimate, and the interim ukrainian leadership bandits, speaking in the russian city of rostovondon, hard by the
nations are still trying to diffuse the standoff in ukraine. in paris, secretary of state john kerry met with the foreign ministers of ukraine and great britain before talks with russia. >> there are very clear legal obligations that are at risk in this, and we're going to talk about those here this morning. >> reporter: yesterday the secretary blasted vladimir putin's invapgs of crimea. >> it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of a gun dictate what you are trying to achieve. >> reporter: in crimea, tensions remain high. with russian and ukrainian troops staring each other down. putin says he ordered troops into crimea to protect ethnic russian. a claim many believe is false. the russian leader may be trying to turn the temperature down, sending representatives to brussels today to meet with nato officials about the crisis, but putin called the new ukranian government illegitimate and is reserving the right to use force ignoring the u.s.' warning. >> over the course of obama's six years in office, though, i think vladimir putin has come to see barack obama
the sanctions. john kerry will travel there on tuesday and says the u.s. and the allies are putting russia on notice. >> all of them. every single one of them are prepared to go to the hilt in order to isolate russia with respect to this invasion. they are prepared to put sanctions in place. they are prepared to isolate russia economically. >> making it cheer the u.s. has no plans to use military force against russia but suggested the u.s. would boy scott the summit if moscow continues down its current path. >>> back in the bay area, more than 100 protesters gathered in front of san francisco's russian conflict are for a second straight day urging the russian president to back off. >> we need the whole world to stay up and stop puttin. you can not just invade their territory. >> we tried to make contact but nobody answered the phone. >>> how many people can get stoned and still have a great state or a great nation? >> still to come, governor brown gives his opinion on the push to legalize pot. >>> and drinking laws could get looser in california but only for one specific and underage group
peninsula. sending john kerry tomorrow to talk about the crisis. trying to force russia out of ukraine. >> there are going to be repercussionings. >> reporter: u.s. and top other top economic nations in the world known as the g7 issued a joint statement condemning the russian invasion. the group is also suspending preparations for an economic summit scheduled to be held in sochi, russia, in june. >> every one of our allies and friends determined to stay united and make clear there is a price attached to this kind of behavior. >> reporter: the white house is working on a package of economic sanctions and considering a move to block russia's access to key bank accounts and financial networks in an effort to pressure russian president vladimir putin to withdraw troops. >> after spending so much money to get goodwill at sochi -- >> right. >> , it puts him in a difficult position economically. >> reporter: he said he has a right to prevent unrest in ukraine. susan mcginnis, cbs news. >> angela merkel. contact group opened dialogue and other nations working on a package of benefits to suppor
. >> it it therered a scandal that threatened his career. >>> kerry kennedy is the daughter of the late robert kennedy. she was arrested in 2012 after she sideswiped a truck with her suv. police later found her on a local road passed out at the wheel. she took the generic version of the sleep prescription ambien. the lawyers said it was her name that led to her prosecution. kennedy admits she was able to afford a high-priced defense team. >> i real did have a great, grarkt great lawyers. most people don't have access to that. and we need to take a hard look at our criminal justice system in the i state to make sure that it really is just. >> in the statement the district attorney says keepdy was not acted any different because of her name. >>> actor philip seymour hoffman died because of an induction of heroin and cocaine. they call this a common trend which arch leads to accidental overdoses as was the case with hoffman. he was 46 years old. >> tiej to show you this sort of a head line. another storage tank has leaked. documents obtained by the "associated press" identifi
including the pregnant kerry washington but ellen admitted she didn't have any money. you order pizza and you don't have the money, good thing brad pitt is in the audience to pay for it. >> the pizza guy had great stage presence. >> katie marzullo was on the red carpet covering the oscars and tweeted this photo in a stunning designer green dress made by a san francisco designer with a report at the top of the hour. >> what did you think of ellen as the house car host? did she score in your book? should she be asked back? gin the conversation. be sure to share your other favorite oscar moments on our page, as well. >> the palo alto city council will review a proposal to pest up security at the 49ers new stadium. according to the mercury news the city council will about off duty permanent and reserve officers to work at levi stadium a few miles south in santa clara, paid $55 an hour. santa clara has reached out to several agency for help policing the venue which hosts event later this year. >> the murder trial of oscar pistorius is officially underway in south africa and the former olym
to violate international law there will be political and economic fallout. secretary of state john kerry will be one of the guests on today's "meet the press" so obviously a big topic of conversation. >>> here in the bay area, ukrainians who live here urging the u.s. and the rest of the world to intervene. those ukrainians who oppose russian military intervention gathered outside the russian consulate in san francisco yesterday. protesters sang together the ukrainian national anthem and other patriotic songs in a show of support. while some russian-speaking ukrainians are welcoming russia's presence, many are filled with dismay watches the russian military take control of crimea, which has been part of the ukraine since 1954. >> we hope very much there will be a peaceful resolution and we hope the united states government also support ukrainian independence. >> we do not want war. we are not against russians. the only problem is the regime of putin. >> russia's actions appear to violate a treaty signed by the u.s. and russia promising to respect ukraine's independence and sovereignty. ma
. >>> there is one more witness scheduled in the impaired driving trial of kerry kennedy. closing arguments and the jury may begin deliberating. yesterday was an emotional day for the daughter of robert f. kennedy and her family as we hear from abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: testifying in her own defense in her drug driving trial, normally private, kerry kennedy, opened up about her very public family. in in answering the defense's initial questions, the 54-year-old described her upbringing. affectionately referring to her father, the late robert f. kennedy, as, quote, daddy. also talking about her farther's assassination, saying, quote, i have ten brothers and sisters. my mother raised us because my father died when i was 8. he was killed when he was running for president. kennedy's 85-year-old mother ethel, who rarely makes public appearances, her sister and three daughters were also in court. now the third day of trial is over, now a single misdemeanor count of driving while impaired, kennedy says in july of 2012 she accidentally took a prescription sleep pill with her breakfast i
'll continue to monitor developments in ukraine. >>> for the record, we invited secretary of state kerry to join us today. but although the white house put him out on all the other broadcast sunday shows, they declined to make him available to us or you. >>> up next, former irs official lois lerner refused to testify about the targeting of conservative groups. now darrell issa wants to question her again based on new okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current and former military members andheir families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. then don't
between russia and ukraine. secretary of state john kerry and ukraine's foreign minister are meeting in paris while nato leaders meet in brussels. more on this ant tend tense dess the situation. >> reporter: exactly right, eric. high-level talks and diplomacy under way. the international community is getting together in an effort to try to de-escalate the situation. even vladimir putin is now saying, he's nots looking for a fight. the u.s. and other nations are still trying to diffuse the standoff in ukraine. in paris, secretary of state john kerry met with the foreign ministers of ukraine and great britain before talks with russia. >> there are very clear legal obligations that are at risk in this, and we're going to talk about those here this morning. >> reporter: yesterday the secretary blasted vladimir putin's invasion of crimea. >> it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of a gun dictate what you are trying to achieve. >> reporter: in crimea, tensions remain high. with russian and ukrainian troops staring each other down. putin says he ordered troops
center stage today surrounding russia's invasion of ukraine. u.s. secretary of state john kerry will meet with his russian counterpart this morning in paris. >> president obama and i want to make it clear to russian and to everybody in the world that we are not seeking confrontation. >> reporter: last night, president obama talked about a possible resolution with german chancellor angela merkel. the proposal would allow russian troops to stay in crimea but on their bases in the region. and international monitors would ensure ethnic russians in ukraine are protected. russian president vladimir putin calls the invasion a humanitarian mission to protect those russians living in ukraine. he also said he would use force if needed. but while politicians talk, russian soldiers are digging in. >> once they are there, there is really not a lot of reason judging by what putin has done in the past to think they're going to leave. >> reporter: the u.s. is still considering economic sanctions against russian. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> putin said economic sanctions would not deter them b
, but negotiators came away with little to show for their efforts. secretary of state john kerry met with his counterparts from russia, britain, france and germany. the session was brief with no breakthroughs. kerry said the meetings were constructive, and that no one is served by further confrontation. >> we agreed to continue these intense discuss in coming days with russia, with ukrainians, in order to see who we can help normalize, stabilize and overcome this crisis. >> ifill: but russian foreign minister sergei lavrov gave no indication, before or after the paris meeting, that moscow would pull back in crimea. instead, he insisted, again, that the troops occupying much of the region are not russian, but local. >> ( translated ): regarding the self-defense forces created by the people of crimea, we do not have any power over them, they do not listen to our orders. >> ifill: lavrov also declined to meet with ukraine's acting foreign minister. he said there would be further discussions in days to come. meanwhile, in crimea itself, u.n. special envoy robert serry was forced to abandon his mi
. >> that's right. now it's kerry washington. >> why is it taking so long? the america we live in is for more integrated than it was in diane carroll's day as julia. >> the american we live in is far beyond hollywood. jerry springer is more integrated than hollywood. so i am not going to complain about it, i want do it. i want to make movies and tv shows that reflect the new america. >> why is it bad for whim packer and kevin hart to say black audience, black good, forget it, we are going to stay in this lane. >> nothing wrong with it. when chris tucker was with charlie sheen he was not hot, but he was an inning tri sr*eu take to white audiences kevin hart is such a big problem star and deserves an intimates national audience as well as being a lead in a black movie. and i am sure that people are looking to filed those vehicles. but my point is that there is a lack of inter inter great in integration, itn aggressive pack of people. middle america who hates hollywood and some conservative groups that hate progressive ideas, big hollywood. i am sure that someone of them are happy
will be watching john thompson spea ewi bloomberg tel. up next, neil cash kerry is joining us on "bloomberg west." he is known as the architect of -- nowow soon to be running for governor of california. ♪ "bloombergback to west." california governor jerry brown just made it official yesterday -- he is seeking a record fourth term. he will be running against neel kashkari, potentially a republican candidate for governor. he is often called the $700 billion man known as the architect of tarp, former assistant secretary of the and member of pimco. he joins me now. you very hip to the new technology these days. you are big on twitter and instagram and you take s a lot of reverseelfies. >> i want to take one of you. >> you're also an engineer by background. you used to work at nasa. >> my first job in california was for a nasa contractor. how could that have helped you as a politician? >> it helped me in washington because policymaking is problem-solving and when you try to unravel a problem, that's what engineers do all day. my engineering helped me when i was in washington. >> you welcomed jerry
. 2014] security state john kerry will be traveling to the gradient k on tuesday. urged on support for ukrainian sovereignty and the ukrainian people having the right to terminate her own future -- determine their own future. some live coverage to tell you about tomorrow on the c-span networks. on c-span two we will be live from the brookings institution for a discussion with mac thornberry and representative larson. they will be talking but u.s. offense policy at 10:30 a.m. eastern. later in the day, county officials from around the country will gather for their annual legislative offices in washington dc. some of the features speakers will include housing secretary shaun donovan, a former utah governor, and west virginia senator. that will be live at 1:30 p.m. eastern. coming up next, newsmakers, with the chronic senator, -- with democratic senator tom harkin from iowa. then, an event looking at u.s. intelligence capabilities and challenges. >>? we are joined by tom harkin. welcome. we are joined by tom harkin. welcome. thank you for being here. two reporters to help us with ques
. the u.s. is emphasizing diploma cy and sanctions. this afternoon, john kerry announced he will go to kiev. >> i believe russia will set its stage to try to present a different face on. in moscow a group of prokers prokers -- protesters showed support. president obama today spoke with his counter parts in great britain, poland and germany. the white house said all four leaders expressed grave concern about the invasion. and tonight the group of seven nations suspended its participation in the upcoming economic summit in sochi. >>> coming up at 10:30, heartfelt protests and prayers. what people here with roots in ukraine have to say about the crisis there. >>> new at 10:00 tonight, thieves hit a san francisco based animal rescue organization this weekend taking off with a vehicle filled with donated items. that vehicle belonged to the lu gurru rescue group. it disappears on 22nd avenue in the richmond district between gary boulevard and anzas street. managers say that van was packed. >> leashes, colors, dog beds, bowls all kinds of things. just a ton of stuff that had been donated o
. >> good evening everybody, as secretary of state john kerry has saved the day in the ukraine without a doubt a hard-working diplomat although not always diplomatic but a successful diplomat. the secretary of state telling russian president putin to order his military to abandon their position to return forces to their own bases in crimea. >> is not appropriate to invade a country
kerry arrived in kiev with a billion dollars in his briefcase, he is like a fake president. the real president submitted a budget today a real floated budget, so bloated if it were a beached whale on a hot day it would have exploded. jam-packed with goodies, a treasure trove one congressman calls a campaign pro chiewr. -- brochure, we'll tell but frustrated uninsured people who should take their free later
with tens of millions ever americans battling the brutal cold. >>> taking the stand, kerry kennedy set to testify at her drunk driving trial this morning. will that help or hurt her case? >>> and welcome home, fresh from their gold-medal winning performance in sochi. >> davis and white lit up the ice. >> olympic ice dancing champs meryl davis and charlie white take to our rink here in rockefeller center only on "today," wednesday, february 26th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on the west coast at 7:00 a.m. and as unusual as it sounds, it is snowing. the plaza cam. not sticking too much. but snowing well. >> meantime out west, we have a rain. >> this is a double-edged sword. the areas are so dry, they will not absorb. they are worried about mudslides and three-hour delays at san francisco's airport. it will be a mess. >>> we have an interesting story coming up. do you worry about your underage son or daughter getting their hands on alcohol? using hid
is not in the interest of ukraine, russia or europe. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry raised the issue with his russian counter spot earlier friday. >> the question is whether or not what is happening now might be crossings a line in any way. >> reporter: mean while in russia, the ousted ukrainian president emerged for the first time since last week. he held a press conference in russian and blames the west for the unrest in ukraine. >> i think that russia has to and must act. knowing the character of mr. putin i'm surprised to the fact that he's so reserved at keeping silent. >> reporter: at the closed door meeting the russian ambassador said any russian movement that crimea are keeping with arrangements with ukraine. >>> a cheese recall because of fears of listeria has been expand. ment some products were linked to a death in california and illnesses in new port. now the recall is expanded to include cremapura mexicana sour cream. the products were distributed in several states. >>> and this next story is one made of nightmares. a man was declared dead. williams was then placed in a body bag
to the love of his life, 29-year-old kerry johnson. the pair quickly wed and price went to work granting his bride's wishes. he took her and her four children to disneyland paris and whisked her off to new york for shopping. they booked another trip but they ran out of time. he died in his wife's arms and the funeral was in the same church where the pair wed. he told the bbb, if his love could have saved him, he would have lived together. he said he lived completely in the moment and taught me to do the same. >> next on the abc7 saturday morning news, our storm watch coverage continues in the santa cruz mountains where residents have been dealing with flooding, fallen trees and some minor slides. and the recent rain, what people in one north bay city will have to do because of the drought. >> we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she's live on the rooftop of the broadcast center. how is it looking out there? >> breezy and cool. most of the activity is sinking south. we have light rain around the bay area. it shows from vallejo to po
kerry washington who is pregnant and ended by say she didn't have any money and asked brad pitt and everyone to pitch in for the pizza. >> good thing there were a bunch of millionaires in the audience to celebrate. we are giving away agree movie tickets for a year through our pace book page. >> there will be seven winners and the latest winner is natalie from fremont. all you have to do to enter is "like us" on facebook. >> we are going to shift gories. right now the murder trial of "blade runner" oscar pistorius is underway in south africa officially. he has entered not guilty plea in the murder of his girlfriend. he has been entering a obsessed hand who shot her in a fit of rage. >> president obama will offer support for a government threatened by russia and believes russia has complete control of peninsula, a pro russian part of the use c.i. the united states and allies are weighing sanctions on now and whether to benefit up defenses in europe. >> we want to take a look at trading on wall street, with the dow trading down 126 points to 16,195. that is how we start the week. >
and to make clear there is a price attached to this kind of behavior. >> secretary of state john kerry heads to ukraine tomorrow. >>> time now is 6:39. governor jerry brown going for a fourth term. why this is not like the others. >> a quick check of the big board. dow jones starts off the day in the negative side. we get an update from kcbs radio jason brooks after the break. ,,,,,, >>> pollen report and the storm clouds come in. a hamper on things. medium high and then more sunshine as we head towards wednesday, of course, the pollen count and more on the weather when we come back. >>> walt disney company is cutting funding starting 2015 to the boy scouts of america because of banning gay leaders to the organization. it will affect the organization's ability to serve children. last year, the bsa lifted a ban on gay youth but ban on gay adult leaders is still in place. >>> facebook is offering to pay medlo park. he or she would work on safety and truancy prevention at schools. facebook offered to pay for this up to five years including the officer's salary and benefits plus rent and renovat
to leave ukraine. he is now in southern russia. secretary of state john kerry spoke on the phone with his russian counterpart friday and said he made it clear to the russian foreign minister not to intervene. >> the question is whether or not what is happening now might be crossing a line in any way and we are going to be very careful in making our judgments about that. >> reporter: the obama administration wants to focus on the political transition in ukraine's capital to help keep the country stable. craig boswell for cbs news, the state department. >> the white house says the president could skip an international summit in russia this summer if the crisis escalates. >>> six officers sworn to uphold the law are accused of breaking it tonight among the charges stealing drugs and money. kpix 5's linda yee was there when the officers appeared in federal court today. >> reporter: well, ken, they are accused of bullying suspects and in some cases even committing crimes with them, serious charges that, if found guilty, they could face up to 20 years in prison. they are accused of being dirty
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